Does stop-writes-pct watch free-pct-disk?

From what I understand the system will stop writes when
stop-writes-pct == free-pct-memory

Is this also true when stop-writes-pct == free-pct-disk?


when min-avail-pct == free-pct-disk?

From Managing Storage | Aerospike Documentation

  • Above the stop-writes-pct level or below the min-avail-pct – Read requests will still be performed, but no more data is written to the database (write requests fail)

Using your terminology, stop write occurred when (free-pct-memory > stop-writes-pct ) OR (free-pct-disk < min-avail-pct)

More details can be found here:

Note the metrics “stop-writes” is changed to “stop_writes” in 3.9.1, along with other changes that you can find on the metrics page:

Thanks for the response.

My goal is use a metric for alerting when the namespace is approaching the stop write pct.

Can you confirm this is correct free-pct-memory > stop-writes-pct

Shouldn’t the % of free memory be below the threshold to trigger stop-writes?

You are right. My bad. It should be (memory-utilization) > stop-writes-pct where memory-utilization = 100% - free-pct-memory.