"Client timeout: timeout=2000 iterations=1 failedNodes=0 failedConns=0" err on scan request


I have a one machine with aerospike version running.

I write two test programs. In first one I insert 1000 records by next code

        for ($i=1; $i<=1000; $i++) {
            $res = $ac->put($ac->initKey('test', 'test_queue', $i), [
                'test' => $i, 'state' => 1
            ], 0, [Aerospike::OPT_POLICY_KEY => Aerospike::POLICY_KEY_SEND]);

In next one I try to scan all this records:

        $jobs = [];
        $ac = Model_Aerospike::getInstance();
        $res = $ac->scan(
            function ($record) use (&$jobs) {
                $jobs[] = $record;
        Minion_Cli::write("res=$res, err=".$ac->error().', count='.count($jobs));

And when I put 1000 records I can get them all correctly. But when I put 10000 records, then my program on amazon server fails with TIMEOUT on scan and second file outs next:

res=9, err=Client timeout: timeout=2000 iterations=1 failedNodes=0 failedConns=0, count=93

And when after this I try to make select on any of sets in my namespace (by aql tool) I get the same TIMEOUT message without any record. And no one record and the same error on second script recall. After some time (maybe a half of hour) it begins work fine again. What can cause such kind of problem?

And one more detail: the same scan script runned on my local machine (ubuntu 14.04. Mostly the same like on amazon server) works normaly. And recall of this script doesn’t blocks any scan requests.