Cluster mirror mode config


How to configure a namespace to achieve a full mirroring across all cluster nodes?


There isn’t a direct configuration that says all nodes, but setting the replication-factor to 128 will replicate to all nodes in the cluster (assuming your cluster is smaller than 128 nodes, which is safe to assume since present cluster size limit is 127).


That sounds bad… I planned to have an aerospike instance on every backend node binded to the localhost for simplicity of the maintenance and improved scalability, but i will hit this limit. Will take a look to the other solutions.


Is this for something like configuration management?


Something like this. A small in-memory namespace instanitiated @ localhost on every node. With this it will be much easier to mantain a whole cluster, because on every host we can get a state for any cluster node and other useful maintenance info.


The only solution i can apply to my case is to use socat to achieve aerospike presence at localhost for my every node.