Compilation fails : C++ App with Aerospike C client (3.1.19) integrated [Bug]


I have download the aerospike C client 3.1.19 and integrated it with my C++ application. When I tried to compile my application, it fails in the aerospike header file with below error:

include/aerospike/aerospike_batch.h: In function ‘as_batch_read_record* as_batch_read_reserve(as_batch_read_records*)’:
include/aerospike/aerospike_batch.h:193:41: error: invalid conversion from ‘void*’ to ‘as_batch_read_record* {aka as_batch_read_record_s*}’ [-fpermissive]

Some typecasting issue is there. I just wanted to share this issue with you, so that you can fix it in next release. I can fix it locally and continue for the time being.

C client and ubuntu 12.04 + gcc4.8

Thanks for bringing this up. We have fixed this internally, and will be in the next C client release.