Configuration review for file backed namespace

Continuing the discussion from AEROSPIKE_ERR_RECORD_NOT_FOUND just after INSERT:


You config also has some other issues:

  • Could be a paste issue but it appears your interface-address line has the hb interval on the same line. I suspect if this is the case some sort of error should occur but please check you generated config to ensure that the interval isn’t on the same line.
  • For device or disk based namespaces we recommend increasing transaction-queues and transaction-threads-per-queue to be both 8.
  • For service-threads we recommend using the number of cores.
  • Setting high-water-* above stop-writes-pct effectively disable eviction, if this is the intended result we recommend lowering stop-writes-pct to be around 80 (and this recommendation is variable on your cluster size–80 is the general recommendation).
    • Using 95% will likely not leave enough room to hold data in the event of a single node failure. Depending on cluster size, even 80% may not be enough.