Connecting Aerospike over SSH Tunnel

Aerospike server is running on a port 3000. The server is not directly accessible from my machine. But it is accessible via a machine that I can access over SSH. So I created a SSH tunnel as given below and then configure the driver to connect to localhost:3000

ssh -L 3000: user@ = Aerspike Server IP = IP of the server from which Aerospike is accessible.

We use SSH tunneling all the time with different server like Oracle, Nginx etc. so I am sure about correctness of the SSH command. But something is failing during the handshake between the client and server.

I suspect Aerospike server is giving the client, IPs of all cluster nodes and then the client tries to connect directly to those IPs which is failing. This happens to be a single node cluster BTW.

Is there a solution for this?

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I am not an expert on SSH Tunnel but you can instruct the server to advertise a different address from its own using the access-address configuration.