Connectivity issue with different Aerospike enterprise versions via AS client 5.1.11


We are using Aerospike enterprise versions 3.x to 5.x. Now we upgraded Aerospike client 4.1.3 → 5.1.11, after upgrade we are facing issue with 3.x version Aerospike servers. Please find below error for the same.

Caused by: com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException$Connection: Error -8: Failed to connect to [1] host(s): 3000 Error -1: Node BB92AB2B5565000 3000 version < 4.9. This client requires server version >= 4.9

Please help on this.

Please see the release notes for Java Client 5.0.1. A bug fix in this release requires server versions 4.9+. It seems you will need to upgrade your servers to 4.9 (or later) to run with the Java Client release 5.1.11.

thank you for information