What is the lowest compatible Aerospike Enterprise Server version for Java client 5.1.11?

I am upgrading Aerospike Java client version from 4.2.0 version to 5.1.11 version.

What is the lowest compatible server version for Aerospike Java client 5.1.11?

Is there a documentation for client-server compatibility?

This page usually has relevant information for this type of questions: Incompatible API Changes | Developer Hub. I unfortunately don’t think there is a full client-server compatibility doc at this point but I also believe it is something that is being worked on and will be made available to help with such questions.

Coming back to your specific question, I think that the 4.9 would be the lowest compatible server version. If you are going to upgrade your servers, you may as well check the latest releases (and potentially take the hit – storage format change requiring erasing the disks – and go to 6.0 which has some great new features). Finally, it is always a good practice to test / validate the combination on a pre-production environment.

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What Meher said, plus this extra point - if you read the Java client release notes, the ‘minimum server version’ should be the one that supports all the functionality of the client. In the case of Java client 5.1.11, this is server version >= 5.6 due to the boolean bin data type, quotas and the new expressions. If any of those are used by a developer, you will get errors on any older server version.

However, if your application (originally built on Java client 4.2.0) doesn’t use those features, and if doesn’t use the PredExp class (removed in Java client 5.0.0) and the policies ScanPolicy.failOnClusterChange or ScanPolicy.scanPercent or Policy.priority (removed in Java client 5.1.0), and the other things broken by Java clients 4.4.0, 4.3.0, 4.2.3 you can go back to server >= 4.9. For this approach YMMV.

We will publish a client-server compatibility matrix that has the minimum fully featured server for a client version and a max-supported version of the server for a given client version.

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