Could not add a mesh mode node

Hello guys,

I prepare to build a cluster in mesh mode.So I add a mesh node with the asinfo like the follows:

asinfo -v “tip:host=;port=3002”

The aerospike nodes are deployed with the image downloaded from dockerhub.

After the command execution,the bash shell returns OK.However, I cannot find any change in config file /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf.I thought I can find the appended item in it.

Then I want to confirm wether the command effective by watching clustering result.I have another test as follows:

I have two aerospike server nodes in two independent hosts. I run the docker image with host network mode.The two nodes are in the same subnet.I try to add the another mesh node in each node with the asinfo command.Both command return OK.

However,I cannot find they connect to build a cluster.I check the either node with AQL command.Both of the cluster size is still 1.

How could I check the command really works or not ? How to confirm the command result.

Thanks in advance.


I did the following in AWS: Node #1: In /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf I set it to mesh mode as follows:

heartbeat {
#             Not using multicast
#		mode multicast
#		multicast-group
#		port 9918
                mode mesh
                port 3002
		interval 150
		timeout 10

I started this node. Private IP address for Node 1 was:, public IP was 54.xx.yy.zz sudo service aerospike start I also installed and started amc on node 1. sudo service amc start Monitor node in your browser at: 54.xx.yy.zz:8081 - will show single node cluster at this point.

Then I started an identical second node, with same config file as above - mode mesh, port 3002 for listening to heartbeats. Recall, IP address for Node 1 was: In node 2, I did: $asinfo -v "tip:host=;port=3002"

AMC now shows a two node cluster.

/etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf is read when asd process starts. “tip” will not modify the .conf file. It only changes the dynamic list of IP addresses for heartbeat.

Any changes to .conf file, you have to manually edit and they take effect only when you restart the server.