Add a mesh node with asinfo command without taking effect

Hello guys,

I prepare to build a cluster in mesh mode.So I add a mesh node with the asinfo like the follows:

asinfo -v “tip:host=;port=3002”

The aerospike nodes are deployed with the image downloaded from dockerhub.

After the command execution,the bash shell returns OK.However, I cannot find any change in config file /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf.I thought I can find the appended item in it.

Then I want to confirm wether the command effective by watching clustering result.I have another test as follows:

I have two aerospike server nodes in two independent hosts. I run the docker image with host network mode.The two nodes are in the same subnet.I try to add the another mesh node in each node with the asinfo command.Both command return OK.

However,I cannot find they connect to build a cluster.I check the either node with AQL command.Both of the cluster size is still 1.

How could I check the command really works or not ? How to confirm the command result.

Thanks in advance.


The tip command should help add the node IP to the cluster. Any failures will get logged in the server logs for the IP being added (/var/log/aerospike/aerospike.log).

The configuration file does not get updated by using this command since it’s a static file. Would recommend you to add the IP address manually to the file to retain the cluster configuration on the next restart. If this is a test environment, does adding the IP’s and restarting the Aerospike service help form the cluster correctly? Which server version are you using here?

To confirm if the tip command was successful, you can verify the Cluster size using asadm > info node and also check if the services list (list of peer nodes) was updated:

asinfo -v services

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