Create Cluster on Digital Ocean Droplets


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I’m looking to create a 2 cluster server on digital ocean droplets.

I’m wanting to just get started and my main concern is the replication. Not necessarily the speed on which the data is read.

Is it possible to use SSD for the storage in this case? Are there any types of DO droplets I should be getting for use with aerospike?

My use cases for SSD are…

  1. Mobile Device + Geo IP database. Which is not replicating. It’s standalone on each server.

  2. Session Data. Which is replicating across both servers. Session data will exist on servers for 3 months before getting deleted.

I am loathe due to expenses first starting out. To get a box with 256GB ram. I’d rather defer to SSD if its possible. I’m using Go for this as well, not PHP/HHVM. So the performance should scream for everything else!