Debug logs

I have a cluster of 3 nodes and I was getting client timeouts so in order to debug I enabled debug logs. Since it grows up in size rapidly(about 2 GB in less than a couple of minutes), I had to stop the server. After analyzing the file, I’ve 2 observations:

  1. It had multiple instances of a particular error i.e. (sindex): (secondary_index.c:713) shash get failed with error -3

  2. I didn’t go through the whole file but almost most of it seemed to consist of the following with different set and bin names: (sindex): (secondary_index.c:246) Index Mismatch

Can anyone throw some light on the issues here?

@vishal14101993 Will it be possible for you to share more debug logs around these messages. shash get failed with error -3 could occur when you are creating/querying with a secondary index. The secondary index is essentially a hash table structure with B-tree. Code -3 just indicates the it could not find the key (a combination of your set and binID) in the hash map.

Regarding the Index Mismatch, can you share the full debug message which should contain two setnames. Is any of them null? Or do you see any other setnames.

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