QTR Put in hash failed


We have a message in the log: WARNING (sindex): (thr_query.c::512) QTR Put in hash failed with error -4.

What does this mean? How to determine what namespace it is? How we can resolve this ploblem?

Server 3.5.3 on Centos 6.


The message indicates that there are more than one secondary index queries running in your system with same transaction id. This must be happening because your application might be generating same transaction id for some queries. Try setting a separate/random transaction id for each query.

If you can share your client details with us (client type and version), we can help with you the API.


Thanks. We use clients for c#/.net, java and python (latest). Priority for c#.

Please check below links.

For java client, http://www.aerospike.com/apidocs/java/com/aerospike/client/query/Statement.html#setTaskId(long)

For c#,


Thank you. We will try to use it.