Definition of Set and Secondary Index in aerospike.conf

The configuration for the aerospike.conf here indicates that it’s possible to define a set within the context of namespace. Are there any other configuration options to it other than the name and the set-stop-writes-count in the subcontext?

It would be very convenient to define secondary indexes in the aerospike.conf. There is already the namespace config si. What does a valid configuration for the si as described here look like?

You don’t predefine sets in Aerospike, as there is no schema. A set is actually a minor bit of information associated with the record, like a label. The records are stored by namespace, not by set. See the Data Model article of the architecture overview.

In the configuration parameter reference, look at anything with a ‘set’ Subcontext, for example set-disable-eviction. It’s one of a few config params that can be applied at the set level. This isn’t about defining a schema or pre-declaring a set.

With regards to secondary indexes, you can predefine those, either by a script, or using the aql CLI tool. You can create a small file with CREATE INDEX commands, and load them with aql -f.

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