Docker and aerospike

Hi, iam starting learning aerospike with using docker on mac following the docu when i execute the command eval $(docker-machine env --swarm swarm-manager) i get Error checking TLS connection: “swarm-manager” is not a swarm master. The --swarm flag is intended for use with swarm masters

please help

You can leave out the --swarm flag.

It was a missed item while updating the docs from Docker 1.9 and Standalone Swarm to new Docker 1.12+ and Swarm Mode.

Thank you very much for help i need help because i have to set up cluster with 5 nodes and monitoring it via amc for my exams at university please tell me how i can use this command for 5 nodes:

docker run --net prod aerospike/aerospike-tools asinfo -v
"tip:host=$(docker $(docker-machine config swarm-0) inspect -f
'{{ }}'
aerospike.1.qvimu9sec3trs5ifdu8qo5ea2 );port=3002" -h

thank you very much and i apreciate any help

For 5 nodes you could use a discovery script.

Please see:

Hi Lucien thanks for help shall i execute only docker stack deploy -c aerospike.yml aerospike

or start from scratch?

  • is it possible to have online training and i pay for it? please help thanks

Hi Lucien please -is there more dopcumentation about setting up aerospike nodes using discovery? -how to use amc console to connect to cluster.


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