Does Aerospike Libevent C client supports usage of Map, List, LDT



We are using libevent C client for Aerospike and would like to know if it supports thread safe read/write operations on Map, List and other LDT.



Hi Unni,

The libevent client supports only the basic (primary) key-value API. It does not support the use of lists, maps, LDT, UDFs, secondary indexes, etc. You will want to read the Erlang Client Manual for more information.

Aerospike has client libraries for a variety of languages. Our Client Functionality Table provides a handy way to view the level of functionality for each client library. Please note that C, Java, C# and Python currently support all the functionality of Aerospike, namely: Key-Value, Scan, Complex Data Types (CDTs), Query, User Defined Functions (UDFs), Aggregation, Large Data Types (LDTs), Batch, and Security.

Best regards,