Is there libevent2 client for Aerospike 3


We are currently using Aerospike 2 and our client application uses C libevent 2 client. We are going to upgrade to Arospike 3, but unfortunately I don’t see any information about C libevent 2 client for Aerospike 3.

Is there C libevent 2 client for Aerospike 3? Is current version of client compatible with Aerospike 3 (Can we just connect our application to Aerospike 3 without recompiling)?

Thanks, Sandro


Yes and no. The libevent2 client is forward compatible with Aerospike 3. So the code should work as is. However, we do not yet have a version of the libevent2 client that supports all the Aerospike 3 features, only the Aerospike 2 ones. This is in our roadmap and we hope to have it available shortly.