Does node of version 4.2(x86) can work with node of version 6.2(arm)

we want to migrate aerospike cluster from x86(version 4.2) to arm(version 6.2) ,if there is a best practice to follow ?

can we change node from x86(version4.2) to arm(version 6.2) one by one( add new one ,wait for balance ,then remove old one ,backup data from removed node , and restore back to cluster ) ?

or we need to upgrade version first (version4.2) to version 5.0 then upto 6.2 second to change x86 to arm one by one?

P.S:We are very sensitive to costs ,so our replication-factor is set to 1 , we can tolerate 1 node unavailiable in a while

The general upgrade process is listed here: Upgrade or Repair Server | Aerospike Documentation And for special version upgrades, you can refer to this document: Special Upgrades | Aerospike Documentation

You will need to read those almost all of the sub pages listed on the special upgrades. Off the top of my head, I know that you need to get to v4.8 or v4.9 before getting to v5 and then there are special steps and procedures for certain versions.

If you can take the downtime, you might be able to use asbackup and take the entire cluster offline/upgrade it and try to restore - but you’ll need to test that on your own (esp. ensuring the backup is OK before doing anything)

To be perfectly clear: I think you will have problems if you try to upgrades from v4.2 to v6.2 directly. That goes for x86 or ARM.

If the question is more geared toward x86 vs ARM, I haven’t heard or suspected any compatibility issues - as I assume the fabric and wire protocol remains the same.

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Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I understand that upgrade in-place will be complicated ,need step by step ,one by one ; but if can i change the node one by one from 4.8 to 6.2 ,does node in different version can work together compatibly in one cluster ?

we have a cluster than running different version and . 2023-01-29_165136

No, I don’t think they will work together or form a cluster. If you read the special upgrades and release notes you’ll find things like:

From 5.0 release:

  • All nodes must be upgraded to Aerospike Server version or newer. Please upgrade to the latest 4.9.0.x release prior to upgrading to Aerospike Server version 5.0.
    • Aerospike Server version 5.0 will not form a cluster with version 4.8 nodes or earlier.
    • When upgrading the Aerospike Server refer to the Special Upgrades documentation.

So I really think you need to do the slow upgrade to jump versions and all the way to 6.2, or try the backup one-shot method

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Thank you very much :rose:

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