Nodes running different Aerospike versions



Can nodes in the cluster run different Aerospike versions? As an example, I have a cluster of nodes running 3.5.9 and I want to add a node that runs 3.5.14. Can I do that?

Thank you


It is supported, but not recommended.


Ideally, we do NOT recommend that you run a cluster with different versions of Aerospike on different nodes. For the purpose of rolling upgrades, different server versions are supported, but when you upgrade one node, it is recommended to plan upgrade to all of them.


Then how does one upgrade a cluster without downtime? I was hoping I could add new nodes (running 3.5.14) and deprecate old nodes (running 3.5.9) on an ongoing basis and leverage the capability of the cluster to rebalance itself.

What about between separate clusters using XDR. Can I have one cluster running 3.5.9 and another cluster running 3.5.14?

Thank you


From the excerpt that @GeertJohan provided:

These upgrade procedures describe the process of rolling upgrades.

So are you planning to start new nodes with 3.5.14 and phase out nodes running 3.5.9? This is very similar to a rolling upgrade, though this method will take longer to complete.