Equal filter not working on secondary index

NameSpace - person
Set - personData
PersonId (Key) | name (bin name)| birthDate (bin name)

NameSpace - person
Set - cityVisitedData
PersonId+CityVisited (Key)| cityName (bin name) | personId (bin name and secondary index)

Use case: get all cityVisitedData set record using person id.

		Statement stmt = new Statement();
		stmt.setFilters(Filter.equal("personId", personId));

I tried using filter as above but strange part is when i use filter no record is fetch and if i remove filter all records are fetch and then i have to manually do the checks for personid i am interested in.

Can you use AQL to show the indexes you have, and the results of an equivalent SELECT person FROM person.cityVisitedData WHERE personId=123?

Thanks Roben, this seems to be working when I wrote simple test case with creating and querying with an index. I still need to figure out why it is not working on my product code.