Nodejs Client equal filter on secondary index (int)

I am using aerospike nodejs client.

Created Secondary index on bin “permalink” (int type)

Issue: no results are returned when nodejs client equal filter is used with value 20150201230000

The following command works fine and returns result when executed from aql command line:

select * from namespace.table where permalink = 20150201230000

Same command when I try to run in nodejs client, I am not neither getting any result nor any error.

var statement = {filters:[aerospike.filter.equal('permalink', parseInt(20150201230000))]}
var query = db.client.query(namespace, table, statement)
var stream = query.execute()
var arr = [];

stream.on('data', function(rec)  {
stream.on('error', function(err)  {
	res.json({status : err})
stream.on('end', function()  {

If I update the bin “permalink” and put value 2015020123, and then try above nodejs client with new value it works fine and returns the result as expected.

var statement = {filters:[aerospike.filter.equal('permalink', parseInt(2015020123))]} – this works fine

Can someone please help.

Hi starthakur,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will look into resolving it and get back to you as soon as we have an update.