Error Code -3: Invalid node

I have a cluster of 14 nodes (all healthy) and running on Aerospike version Build:

The issue is Aerospike C# client (installed latest version 3.6.6) is returning for very few requests “Error Code -3: Invalid node”. There is no other information passed about the actual invalid node. How to find this invalid node and why this error only occurs for few requests whereas the majority are working fine?

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve seen this in the past, and a recycle of the client application always seems to clear it up. Is it on 100% of the requests? Is the condition always present, does it come and go, or is it sporadic, any relation to peaks or pattern? Was anything changed? Do you run any ‘node-specific’ commands in your code? Any non-INFO sev messages in aerospike.log? Are you using the aerospike client logging interface It might be good to get a tcpdump of this just to inspect and see what its trying to do… and of course if you have enterprise support, just open a case and these guys will get it taken care of stat :slight_smile: