Fast restart with multiple namespace


We have two namespaces (both are device based) in our aerospike configuration, one of them (the second entry) is with

data-in-memory true (we do NOT have data-in-index true and both of them have single-bin false)

We run aerospike with

asd --config-file aerospike.conf

We stop aerospike with TERM signal to asd process.

Will it be a fast restart or cold one? (ref:

We are using enterprise edition.


Hi Amod. I want to clarify again that fast restart is an Enterprise Edition only feature.

Fast restart does work for data-in-index because record data is stored in the primary index rather than heap. This way the primary index can be placed in shared memory and reattached when the asd daemon restarts. If you did actually have data in memory (more than that single integer) the server would have to load it back from your persistence into DRAM. That is a cold start.