Will Data Recover on the Other Cluster or on the Local HDD?


I use cluster
configuration storage-engine device
when i restart one node ,the data will recovery in other cluster or local HDD?
When I restart the whole cluster,data from which to restore?
I want to know is how the whole process

i have 3 node.

i stop node1—>the cluster have 2 node -->i modify data(if data before in node1)

i stop node2 and node3,after cluster all stop,i start the node1 -->node2 -->node3

This will have a dirty data?

I can think node3 has all the data?


With storage-engine device, the node’s index is rebuilt from disk during a restart. In the community edition, restarts of the service are always a coldstart and the index is reloaded from disk if the namespace is not configured for in-memory.

hope this help clarify the process.

Please also see:



In Aerospike Enterprise Edition, we make use of shared memory and provide a fast restart option.

This feature enables nodes to start up and re-join their cluster much faster. A node with over 1 billion records will restart in about 10 seconds (as opposed to 40+ minutes without this feature). This allows cluster upgrades and various other operations to go much faster.


I saw your link,i use the community edition,coldstart is what mean?
when i coldstart, data from other cluster ? I want to know the specific results. thank you.

storage-engine device {         
   file /opt/aerospike/datafile
   filesize 1G           
   data-in-memory true



My company no enterprise version of the budget! ! ! so i use community edition :joy:


Coldstart is the default behavior of the Community Edition. Meaning index is always rebuilt from disk if disk persistency is used.

Please see definition at:



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