Foreach hangs when underlying function throws an error

Hi, the “foreach” function call hangs when the underlying function throw an exception. For example the following code without “print 1/0” part is working fine and prints stack trace and the first “key, bins” pair and exit, but with the “print 1/0” it prints the stack trace and hangs.

def print_key((key, meta, bins)):
        import traceback
        print 1 / 0  # any code which throws an exception
        print key[2], bins
        return False


Tried with both concurrent values(True, False). In case of False the process is just hanging, in case of True the process infinitly prints the same stack trace.

Please open an issue with the aerospike/aerospike-client-python repo on GitHub. Can you also add the version of the server, and the client release you’re working with, and the OS?


Opened issue at github - Thanks

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