Full Duplex Client


Are there any future plans on a full duplex client?


We use a full duplex protocol for database-database communication inside the cluster, but decided to start with half-duplex from client to server due to simplicity of implementation. Historically, we have seen that HTTP’s full duplex functionality has little use, and many issues with creating jitter and queuing problems. We have also seen that in a post-epoll() world, Linux’s connection overhead is greatly reduced, so optimizing for fewer connections is not critical at this time. We typically see 20,000+ TCP connections per server with no strain.

The Aerospike server is designed to support different protocols on different ports - Telnet is supported on a different port from AS_MSG - and the AS_MSG protocol is versioned to allow for future expansion to “full duplex” protocols.

What situation are you working in where you believe this is desirable or necessary?


We’ve used other products that supported this and saw improved performance. To be honest the current client seems to be fine as well as performance. I was just curious your thoughts on this. Thanks for the reply.