Do you think that expose aerospike service via REST API is good or not for production?

As the title, if there is only one external IP can be used to expose aerospike service, do you think REST API is a good choice or not for production? need to consider latency/performance/HA.

Does anyone do so in production? any experience to share?


People are using the REST client in production, and it scales well. It’s attractive for two situations

  1. Supporting applications written in languages that don’t have a support client (also check the Launchpad for community-driven clients).
  2. Replacing clients in multi-process deployments (such as FastCGI) with the multi-threaded REST client, which creates a lot less connections to the cluster (as opposed to a client per process).

If you’re going to compare something like Python in a multi-process setup versus REST, don’t just look at a single thread comparison. You want to run a realistic workload with multiple connections.

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