General Questions about Aerospike

I am looking at Aerospike as a system and I had a few questions

  1. How similar is AQL to the SQL92 standard? I noticed that the AQL documentation explicitly says that it is not SQL so what are the key differences between AQL and SQL92?

  2. I couldn’t really find much information on the buffer pool manager. Would you be able to explain more about the BPM?

  3. The Hybrid-Storage documentation says that storage is copy on write. How does this work exactly? What are the advantages of doing copy on write for a typical workload for Aeropsike? I also couldn’t find much information on how logging works. What type of logging does Aerospike use (logical, physical, physiological, etc)?

  4. I couldn’t find much information on checkpointing. What type of checkpointing does Aerospike use/support?

  5. With configurable levels of consistency, how does concurrency control work on Aerospike?

  6. How does query execution actually work in Aerospike? Is it tuple at a time, is it vectorized, is it materialized? What type of query level parallelism is there? Is there inter/intra query parallelism?

Thanks :smile:

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