DB browsing/management utility

Hello all,

This may be a dumb noob question but I am wondering if Aerospike has a default client (like mysql for MySQL) that allows you to connect to a server/cluster and browse through DB’s and data in them.



Experimental: GitHub - rashidmayes/Clairvoyance

Awesome. Thank you.

Actually, here is another one. An interactive client aql:

root@server18:~# aql Aerospike Query Client Version C Client Version 4.1.6 Copyright 2012-2016 Aerospike. All rights reserved. aql>

Also, you can use asinfo to find out lots of useful info about your installation/cluster.

I misunderstood your question - I thought you were looking for some kind of GUI interface to Aerospike to explore the data stored. Yes, AQL and asadm come with the server installation. There is also AMC - Aerospike Monitoring Console server that you can install and monitor many of the asinfo type of stats via a browser.