Geospatial index



Is there a way I could create a geospatial index as a secondary index for aerospike?

I would like to maintain the amount of databases to a minimal. It seems mongodb and postgres have support for it but I would rather stick with aerospike alone


We do not have a native support for this yet. and this is in our product roadmap.


Any word on when this will be implemented? Curious if it is worth our time to create a UDF module or not


We did start on it and the project is in progress. However, I cannot promise a date in this forum.


Matt, scorpnode, happy to discuss this off forum.

Would love to see if our upcoming product works for you, include you in a beta.

Please contact me at


Is there any update on geo indexes implementation?



Thanks for your question. We’ll reach out to you privately to discuss.


We are much closer, but we’re not 100% happy with our performance yet. We’re still doing some tuning before releasing — happy to discuss privately.


Aerospike is happy to announce the Early Adopter Release of our Geospatial features. Please read the announcement for full details and how you can contribute!


Anyone out there using these queries?

All Aerospike client libraries support GeoJSON, would love to hear feedback about your use of the feature. Ring me at .