Get node/cluster name from INFO_NODE

  1. Using INFO_NODE we are looking to build an UI interface to display something like (i net statistics) below. how to get Node Name and cluster name ?
Network Information (2018-03-02 08:28:09 UTC)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
             Node               Node                  Ip        Build   Cluster   Migrations        Cluster     Cluster         Principal   Client     Uptime   
                .                 Id                   .            .      Size            .            Key   Integrity                 .    Conns          .   *BB9635C2A270008   E-         1      0.000     1CEC1DC68B04   True        BB9635C2A270008        5   01:23:56 
Number of rows: 1
  1. Do we have info command to get Quiesce and recluster details from python client ?

It works the same as asinfo really. You can run asinfo -lv 'namespace/<mynamespace>'| grep quisce. You can run this from the info protocol too (namespace/namespace-name). I’m not sure what recluster status means though. Recluster is an action not a state. There is pending quiesce and effective quiesce though… you can look at asadm -e sh stat like quiesc -flip

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