Getting FD resource temporaryly unavailable in cluster mode

Hi, We have two nodes in a cluster and when we changed the seviority of logging to Debug, we are seeing an error like “Jan 12 2020 03:38:30 GMT: DEBUG (socket): (socket.c:1165) Error while receiving on FD 43: 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)”, we checked the limits, nothing seems reached, but still getting this, if i outdown one node, this error is not anymore, so this is not impacting the clients directly but i am affraid it may take a toll on clustor syncing, is this error a problem ? is there anything we can do to resolve this ? I am on AWS with AWS Linux 2, the namespaces are put on to memory, not into disk

I wouldn’t necessarily worry if this is only logged at Debug level and there is no noticeable impact, but I am not certain… could be simply how epol works under aggressive workloads.

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This is an “EAGAIN” error (see

   EAGAIN          Resource temporarily unavailable (may be the same
                   value as EWOULDBLOCK) (POSIX.1-2001).

Means the Aerospike attempted a non-blocking operation and the socket couldn’t take at this time. The server will attempt the operation again later.

This isn’t anything to be concerned of, EAGAIN and EWOULDBLOCK errors are expected.

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