[URGENT] Not able to connect to aerospike, although no error is coming in logs (3 aerospikes running on same machine)

Hi all, thank you in advance for looking in the issue.

I am facing a weird issue in which there is no error coming in aerospike.log but aerospike becomes unreachable withing few minutes of starting it. The scenario is that I have 3 aerospikes installed on the same system. (AWS EC2 Amazon AMI)

Aerospike 3.5.2 enterprise edition (via rpm)
Aerospike 3.3.19 community edition (via tar)
Aerospike 3.4.10 community edition (via tar)

Can someone please confirm if we can have 3 versions of aerospike on the same machine. If yes, then please let me know how I can assist you to help me out in this case :smile:

Also, I have server, tools and amc of different versions on the instance

[root@ite3 ~]# rpm -qa | grep aerospike

I really need to debug this issue since this is hampering my productivity very badly.

Thanks in advance once again :smile:

It would help if you would post examples of what is happening, error logs of your local client, and the network topology.

Running multiple versions in a single cluster is possible, but not recommended, see: http://www.aerospike.com/docs/operations/upgrade/aerospike/

Also logs would be helpful, there may be something that you have missed. Based on the scenario you have provided, my first suspicion is that you have exceeded your proto-fd-max. Having logs that include the line with the text “proto” would be helpful in ruling this out.

Hi, thank you for replying to this thread.

Actually I saw the logs and there is no issue in the logs related to proto-fd-max (already increased to 15000). Yesterday, I was getting the following error when running the following query

ascli put cocofs seller_fm_mapping_vo aace2 ‘{“fm”:“ONE”}’
error: -2"

I restarted the aerospike and I am not getting the same error as of now. Also, when running some queries through aql, i was getting


anf Error(500) as well.

Please help me to debug this. Thank you so much in advance :smile:


Would like to get deeper in the analysis of your issue. Please check your email on how we could assist you better.

thanks, samir