Getting memory Error - 8, TTL not affecting memory eviction


Hi, My Aerospike (2 nudes cluster), is configured as follows: replication-factor 1 memory-size 2G default-ttl 1d # 30 days, use 0 to never expire/evict. high-water-memory-pct 80 storage-engine memory

I’m writing to it, using a java client with TTL above > 0 - 2G of data, I would expect it to be evicted, when getting to 80% of memory. instead, data not seems to be cleaned and i’m getting error o- Memory Error - 8, after data exceeded 2G.

btw,each record is a about 20k of data…

Thanks for help.



Could you please provide the exact command you are running to put data into Aerospike? Depending on the speed at which this is happening Aerospike, regardless of high-water-memory-pct, would not be able to keep up.

Please also note that setting high-water-memory-pct at this level would be considered “living dangerously” and would never be recommended unless you have a specific use case.

Thanks Petter