Ttl evictions

hi, we are using the community edition, and we encounter a problem with one of our namespaces. the problem is that some records (usually the ones that we are often update) are evict from the namespace while their ttl should be greater than zero (with each update we set the ttl to 1 week). this namespace contains a set in which each record key has several bins that represent hourly counters. i read about the eviction algorithm and from what i understood the eviction algorithm delete records that their ttl expires or in case we reached the high-water-disk-pct or high-water-memory-pct it removes data that has a ttl set and chooses the soonest to expire records to evict first.

according to out AMC the high-water-disk-pct and high-water-memory-pct are 85% and the stop writes in 90% and the disk space is ~45 in use and the ram is ~28 in use the avail% is 26%

this is out namespace configurations in /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf

namespace metadata { memory-size 5G # Maximum memory allocation for data and default-ttl 0 high-water-memory-pct 85 high-water-disk-pct 85 # primary and secondary indexes. storage-engine device { # Configure the storage-engine to use # persistence. file /opt/aerospike/data/ # Location of data file on server. filesize 5G # Max size of each file in GB. data-in-memory true # Indicates that all data should also be # in memory. } }

and our aerospike version is 3.6.6

can you help us solved it please

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