Golang Client Node not found for partition in partition table


I am making some test with the go client,

In a fresh installed single instance when i try to put 100 of txn,

sometime all works fine, and sometime i get this error:

%{ “Error” => “command execution timed out on client: Exceeded number of retries. See Policy.MaxRetries. (last error: Node not found for partitionon-disk-db:1889 in partition table.)” }

I am a little bit confused, what is the problem, i thought that aerospike can handle a hight througput ?

version of the golang driver is:

name = “github.com/aerospike/aerospike-client-go” version = “2.2.0”

Many thanks for any help.

just an update to give you more inputs,I write the same program using the python driver and i never face that exception on the same env…

@khosrow this one was mis-categorized as ‘General Discussion’ so it probably missed your filter. Re-categorized it under ‘Go Client’.

This case was also filed and addressed on github. The provided code showed misuse of the client. Here is the link on github: https://github.com/aerospike/aerospike-client-go/issues/262

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