Got errors when running udf with spring boot



I have a problem when I use Aerospike to build a restful service (referenced instruction).

The main problem is that, when I want to apply udf, I will get following run-time errors:

com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException: Failed to read resource: udf/compat52.lua
at com.aerospike.client.lua.LuaCache.getSystemStream(
at com.aerospike.client.lua.LuaCache.getInputStream(
at com.aerospike.client.lua.LuaCache.loadPackage(
at com.aerospike.client.lua.LuaInstance.load(
at com.aerospike.client.lua.LuaInstance.<init>(
at com.aerospike.client.lua.LuaCache.getInstance(
at com.aerospike.client.query.QueryAggregateExecutor.runThreads(

Could anyone help me?



Did you clone the github repo with:

git clone

The POM file has been updated with the latest Aerospike Java Client.

In the root directory run:

mvn clean package

and a runnable JAR will be produced in the target directory.

See if this helps



After I update my pom.xml from your github, everything works fine! Now, I can keep working on udf! Thank you very much!