Higher latencies with new nodejs client 1.0.21


I am getting higher latencies with the new version of nodejs client (1.0.21) Previously i was using 1.0.18 and it is works fine but from today i am getting very high latencies during writes not

I have also tried to install the v 1.0.18 but it failed.

Could you please suggest ?

Here is the some logs from /var/log/messages

node[20756]: segfault at 7f632157a6b0 ip 00007f642125289d sp 00007fffe4c300f0 error 6 in libc-2.17.so[7f64211db000+19b000] Oct 28 15:44:00 kernel: [94091.774614] node[20806]: segfault at 7fcaf8dfd7a0 ip 00007fccf8ad589d sp 00007fffc5f78950 error 6 in libc-2.17.so[7fccf8a5e000+19b000] Oct 28 15:44:00 kernel: [94092.148608] node[20815]: segfault at 26400000263 ip 00007fab539c6c19 sp 00007fab59b7d400 error 4 Oct 28 15:44:00 kernel: [94092.149182] traps: node[20814] general protection ip:7fab539c6c19 sp:7fab5a37e400 error:0 in aerospike.node[7fab5397c000+62000] Oct 28 15:44:00 kernel: [94092.159582] in aerospike.node[7fab5397c000+62000]


Could you give us the code snippet causing the segfault, and also some information about OS and other machine configuration on which the client is running.