Histogram log for UDF

Just wonder if the histogram log for UDF works or not? checked the aerospike log, find the total and data statistics in sub section always the same, like the following, no matter which time, the total number always “1440251” , and each time the statistics in sub section are always same.

Apr 01 2017 04:57:08 GMT-0700: INFO (info): (hist.c:137) histogram dump: udf (1440251 total) msec
Apr 01 2017 04:57:08 GMT-0700: INFO (info): (hist.c:154)  (00: 0000495630) (01: 0000133662) (02: 0000353120) (03: 0000230124)
Apr 01 2017 04:57:08 GMT-0700: INFO (info): (hist.c:154)  (04: 0000205170) (05: 0000007965) (06: 0000014506) (07: 0000000074)

Is there an active UDF load?

Try running:

asadm -e "watch show stat like client_udf"

Are any of the values changing? If not then it would seem there isn’t an active UDF load.

The numbers are cumulative since node start btw

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