How to attach an AWS network load balancer with a cluster setup using the CF template?

This post mentions that now Aerospike client now supports ELB. However, I am not able to successfully attach the load balancer to my Auto Scaling Group. I have tweaked the CF template to setup an internal cluster in a VPC without any public IP address and use the private IP as the access-address. I am able to connect to the cluster using private IP in AQL from another EC2 instance that has access to the instances in that VPC. However, when I tried to setup a network load balancer and link the associated target group with the Auto Scaling Group, the health checks always fail. If I try connecting to the instances using the netcat utility

nc -v 3000

I get the success response

Connection to 3000 port [tcp/hbci] succeeded!

However, when I look at my target group’s instances, the health checks are failing. The configured health check uses TCP as the protocol and port 3000. I am not sure what I am doing wrong or if this is supposed to be configured differently. If anybody has successfully managed to setup an internal load balancer with the aerospike cluster in a VPC, could you please share how you managed to do that?


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