How to check/estimate the size of the set in namespace

how to check/estimate the size of the set in namespace? is there any formula or info command to check the size of the set?

i just found this asinfo -v ‘histogram:namespace=;set=;type=object-size’ but i would calculate the below output?








126 x 42268818 or 256 x 42268818

PS: i have 7 node cluster

There really isn’t a great way… The easiest method I’ve found is to backup the set and restore it to a sandbox, or use an application to scan the data and provide an estimate. It’s possible with the objsz histogram too, to a degree. I’m not sure how to read what you’ve pasted - that doesn’t look right to me. Is that the full output?

Says that there are 42,268,818 records where 128 <= size < 256 bytes.

wow that is much different than the last time i looked. I’m gonna have to peak again… good job guys