How to check the version of Aerospike Tools installed on a server

A basic question but I can’t find what I’m looking for after looking around for a while.

How do I check the version of Aerospike Tools that was installed on a server.

For example, the version in the link below is 3.10.2

I’m running it on CentOS 7 with AMC 3.6.11 and server version is 3.9.1.

For the package version use:

rpm -qi aerospike-tools

Some of the tools also have an --version option. These versions track the individual tools release and are independent of the package version.

rpm -qi aerospike-tools 
Name        : aerospike-tools
Version     : 3.9.0

For instance, asadm supports --version and its release notes can be found at

$ asadm --version
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$ aql --version Aerospike Query Client Version 3.9.0 Copyright …

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