How to configure number of threads writting to Disk

What is thread name that flushes data from memory(swb) to Disk ?

How to configure number of threads that flushes data from memory(swb) to Disk? If its not configurable then whats rationale for it

The transaction-queues manage requests from the clients, and by default are set to the number of cores in your cluster node. Each transaction queue has its own pool of transaction threads that access the drives. That’s configurable dynamically by changing the transaction-threads-per-queue. You should benchmark to find whether increasing the threads gives you more performance or not.

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Hi Ronen, Thanks for reply My question is “If transaction threads are producers of write-q then which threads are consumers of write-q” ?

I want to increase number of threads that are consumers of write-q

It’s not configurable, but you can partition drives to increase the number of devices (each partition is a device in Linux). There will be a write-q and associated write thread for each device.

Just be aware that it’s unlikely your problem is write threads, but rather the overall performance of your drive.

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