How to get the summary of the benchmark test results using C client?

Hello Guys,

I am trying to run benchmark testing to produce latency summary, for some reason the latest version of benchmark seems to not provide any summary at the end, can someone help? below is the command used to run benchmarks.


./benchmark -Uadmin -Ppassword -h -n test -s demo -w RU,50 -z 8 -o B500000 -t 30 -L 7,1


2022-01-18 13:17:53.285 INFO write(tps=1213 timeouts=0 errors=0) read(tps=1305 timeouts=0 errors=0) total(tps=2518 timeouts=0 errors=0)

hdr: write 2022-01-18T18:17:53Z 6, 7429, 2004, 214399, 4227, 6871, 12287, 19983, 24143

hdr: read 2022-01-18T18:17:53Z 6, 7526, 49, 21327, 1508, 2913, 7303, 17007, 19103

Thanks, Sai.

I am not sure whether that was done intentionally or not. I assume this is using the asbench tool? (GitHub - aerospike/aerospike-benchmark: A tool to benchmark the Aerospike Database.)

Would the following do what you are looking for?

./benchmark -Uadmin -Ppassword -h -n test -s demo -w RU,50 -z 8 -o B500000 -t 30 -L 7,1 --hdr-hist out

Notice the --hdr-hist output-directory at the end which should dump output files, including a summary one in the output-directory.