How to install Aerospike on Windows 7

How to install Aerospike on windows 7, as per the guidance in the mentioned page ( I have downloaded the vagrant and oracle virtual box and installed both on windows.

As a first step i installed vagrant in windows 7 (64 bit ), but when i type vagrant in the run prompt a console opens and closes automatically

Second step, I Installed the Oracle Virtual box, installation was successful and while creating a new box(VM) I opted for the Linux OS(assuming that aerospike will run on Linux) in the virtual box. Once the Virtual box stared the Linux OS throwing me the error saying “Fatal: No bootable medium found! system halted”

I am new to the Linux and Vagrant or any other non windows based operating systems, if you could upload a video on how to install and setup the Aerospike serve on windows machine it will be must appreciated.

Thanks for reaching out.

Here are a couple of links that may help you get going with Vagrant on Windows. Once you have Vagrant installed and working, it should be straight forward to get the Aerospike vagrant box as documented here.

Here are a couple of links that may help you with your Vagrant installation on Windows 7:

Hope this helps! –meher

Finally I got to install it but I think I’m supposed to use vagrant ssh -c “…” everytime I need to run something.

If I want to run (from the examples) cli -h -n test -o set -k Aerospike -b name -v “Aerospike, Inc.” I would need to run

vagrant ssh -c “cli -h -n test -o set -k Aerospike -b name -v “Aerospike, Inc.””

But there is a problem, it’s not understood as two nested quoted .

Is there anyway of running that Virtualbox machine from a better GUI? I’ve tried to open it from VirtualBox but it just shows a black window

You can directly get to the shell prompt by typing

vagrant ssh

and then type

cli -h -n test -o set -k Aerospike -b name -v "Aerospike, Inc."

or you can use single quotes:

vagrant ssh -c 'cli -h -n test -o set -k Aerospike -b name -v "Aerospike, Inc."'
**********Aerospike Database Server is running!
**********Aerospike Monitoring Console is running!
succeeded:  key = Aerospike  set=   bin= name  value= Aerospike, Inc.
Connection to closed.
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OK, thank you, it works.

You got a black screen because Vagrant uses VirtualBox’s headless mode. I think you can just switch to normal mode and it should work, but personally, I found it easier to just use VirtualBox with Ubuntu Server than using Vagrant.

On VirtualBox, I could install the apache server, php5 and aerospike on the same virtual machine, use a bridge connection so my virtual server would have its own internal IP address (and not localhost), and create a shared folder so my server would fetch the php sources from the dev directory located on the Windows part. I’m also throttling the connection to the virtual server’s IP address to emulate an actual remote connection.

This is the closest dev installation I could get to an actual Linux server. According to Vagrant’s documentation, you could perfectly do the same thing with it, but you don’t actually need it…