How to 'touch' record on UDF


Is it possible to do touch operation from UDF (Lua)? or is the update/exists operations do the touch automatically?

We use the last Aerospike version.

Thanks, Avi

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The effect of a touch operation is to update the TTL and increment the generation of the record, and this can be done directly in UDF in the following example:

function update_ttl( rec ) record.set_ttl( rec, updatedttl ) status = aerospike:update( rec ) end

The record.exists() function is a read-only function, and thus will not increment the record generation nor the TTL. A record.update() w/o having updated any bin or metadata (such as the TTL) is also a no-op.


You could set TTL -2 to keep the existing TTL as-is, and apply that record UDF to a scan of the namespace/set.

function touch_rec(rec)
    record.set_ttl(rec, -2)


from __future__ import print_function
import aerospike

client = aerospike.client({ 'hosts': [('', 3000)] }).connect()
           options={'priority': aerospike.SCAN_PRIORITY_LOW})
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