I am looking for an example of using the cmpRegex with javascript

Hi I am trying to implement a cmpRegex search with javascript. I have looked at the documentation and into the code and could not really figure out the way to do it.

I have managed to implement it in python here is the code:

import aerospike
import sys
from aerospike import exception as ex
from aerospike import predicates
from aerospike_helpers import expressions as exp

config = {'hosts': [('', 3000)]}
client = aerospike.client(config).connect()

client.index_string_create('test', 'test1', 'name', 'test1_name_idx')
for i in range(1000):
    key = ('test', 'test1', str(i))
    rec = {
        'name': 'test' + str(i),
        'tags': ['test' + str(i), 'test' + str(i+1)]
    client.put(key, rec)
def showRes(record):

query = client.query('test', 'test1')
q_regex = exp.CmpRegex(aerospike.REGEX_ICASE, "^test55.*.", exp.StrBin("name")).compile()
scan_policy={"expressions": q_regex}

records = query.results(scan_policy)
for r in records: