I can compile the erlang client Version: 2.1.2, but I can not integrate it into the erlang environment

I’m having troubles integrating the erlang client in LinuxMint 17.1(Ubuntu 14.04).
Can someone help me please. I’m using Erlang OTP 17.4 downloaded from here https://www.erlang-solutions.com/downloads/download-erlang-otp
The aerospike client version is 2.1.2(It looks like the documentation is outdated for this version).

I follow up the steps in this link: http://www.aerospike.com/docs/client/erlang/install/ and this link http://nikola.link/?p=81, also read the “readme” file. When run the “make” command all is succesful some .beam files and aerospike_nif.so were created; at this point I load a erlang shell session and run this command “erlang:load_nif(”./aerospike_nif", 0)." but I have had the same result presented in this link Erlang NIF load failing . After that, when run in the erlang shell this command "{ok, ConnectId} = aerospike:connect()."
I have this error:
:: Init() :: Loading aerospike NIF Module

=ERROR REPORT==== 6-May-2015::11:13:23 === Error in process <0.65.0> with exit value: {{badmatch,{error,{load_failed,“Failed to load NIF library: ‘./aerospike_nif.so: undefined symbol: RIPEMD160_Init’”}}},[{aerospike,init,0,[{file,“aerospike.erl”},{line,70}]},{code_server,’-handle_on_load/4-fun-0-’,1,[…

=ERROR REPORT==== 6-May-2015::11:13:23 === The on_load function for module aerospike returned {{badmatch, {error, {load_failed, “Failed to load NIF library: ‘./aerospike_nif.so: undefined symbol: RIPEMD160_Init’”}}}, [{aerospike,init,0, [{file,…},{…}]}, {code_server, ’-handle_on_load/4-fun-0-’, 1, [{…}|…]}]} ** exception error: undefined function aerospike:connect/0

Please try adding -lcrypto to your link line

I’m sure I follow those steps twice in clean installations and does not work. I jumped to fedora, it works in fedora. I have found that many people have the same problem in ubuntu 14. It seems Ubuntu has some issues with this client.

Under debian/mint, you can make several fixes in the makefile, pls compare. Note Erlang 18 uses erl_interface 3.8.

include Makefile.files

NOTE: Aerospike changed its name from Citrusleaf to Aerospike in Sept 2012,

and, as a result, both names are used in both client and server terminology.

Although the new name is “Aerospike”, the old name, “Citrusleaf” still

appears in many places. Over time, the number of Citrusleaf occurrences

will diminish.

For Compiling the Aerospike Module and Aerospike Native Implemented Functions

we must link to the correct (current) Erlang library that is installed

on YOUR machine. We do that by setting an environment variable (EIVER).

Set EIVER according to /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/erl_interface-(n.n.n)

Do this: ls /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/erl_interface*

Set this EIVER variable to match the erl_interface-n.n.n numbers

I used to have have R15B01 ==> erl_interface-3.7.7

EIVER = 3.7.7

However, I currently have R16A ==> erl_interface-3.7.10

EIVER = 3.8

Erlang Include

DIR_ERL = /usr/lib/erlang ERL_INCL = $(DIR_ERL)/usr/include

These directories are all local from this Makefile’s position

The Local Code (Erlang Client) Include

CLIENT_INCL = ./include

Aerospike Citrusleaf Include

The source files already expect to use “citrusleaf/citrusleaf.h”, so do NOT

add the extra directory here.

C_INCL = …/c/include

Aerospike Client Source and Objects

DIR_SRC = ./src C_DIR_OBJ = …/c/obj/native C_DIR_SRC = …/c/src ER_DIR_OBJ = ./obj ER_DIR_SRC = ./src ER_ERL_DIR = .

Set the VPATH to look in all these places for things



C_SOURCE = cf_alloc.c cf_average.c cf_digest.c cf_hist.c cf_hooks.c C_SOURCE += cf_ll.c cf_log.c C_SOURCE += cf_queue.c cf_service.c cf_shash.c cf_socket.c cf_vector.c C_SOURCE += citrusleaf.c cl_async.c cl_batch.c cl_cluster.c cl_info.c C_SOURCE += cl_lookup.c cl_partition.c cl_request.c cl_scan.c cf_proto.c C_SOURCE += cl_shm.c version.c

ER_SOURCE = aerospike_nif.c cl_client_gw.c


The main AEROSPIKE.ERL file (what all apps need to include) will be

in the main Erlang directory – along with the actual Erlang apps

themselves – unless users want to change this make file to adjust to

other Erlang source/object directories.

ERL_SRC = aerospike.erl ERL_BEAM_OBJECTS = $(ERL_SRC:%.erl=%.beam)

ERL_EXAMPLE_SRC = asbench.erl stats_record.erl ERL_BEAM_EXAMPLE_OBJECTS = $(ERL_EXAMPLE_SRC:%.erl=%.beam)



CC = gcc LD = $(CC)

Needed to make everything available to the NIF ERLANG module

SONAME = aerospike_nif.so


LDFLAGS = -shared -Wl,-soname=(SONAME) LDFLAGS += -L(DIR_ERL)/lib/erl_interface-$(EIVER)/lib LDLIBS = -lerl_interface -pthread -lssl -pthread -lrt

AS_CFLAGS = -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -std=gnu99 -D_REENTRANT MARCH_NATIVE = $(shell uname -m)


Pick the right level of compile – debug or optimize

Debug Compile

CFLAGS_NATIVE = -g -fno-common -fno-strict-aliasing -rdynamic -Wextra (AS_CFLAGS) -D MARCH_(MARCH_NATIVE)

Optimized Compile

CFLAGS_NATIVE = -g -O3 -fno-common -fno-strict-aliasing -rdynamic -Wextra (AS_CFLAGS) -D MARCH_(MARCH_NATIVE)





(ER_DIR_OBJ)/%.o: (ER_DIR_SRC)/%.c (CC) (CFLAGS_NATIVE) -fPIC -shared (INCLUDES) -o @ -c $<


The Beams and Erls are all in the current dir, and the Beams depend

on the Erls.


/usr/local/bin/erlc $<

aerospike.beam: aerospike.erl aerospike.hrl /usr/bin/erlc aerospike.erl

asbench.beam: asbench.erl aerospike.beam aerospike.hrl /usr/bin/erlc asbench.erl

stats_record.beam: stats_record.erl aerospike.beam aerospike.hrl /usr/bin/erlc stats_record.erl

clean: /bin/rm -rf (ER_DIR_OBJ)/* /bin/rm -rf (SONAME) /bin/rm -rf (ERL_BEAM_OBJECTS) /bin/rm -rf (ERL_BEAM_EXAMPLE_OBJECTS)


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