I want to perform backup and restore operation for multiple namespaces in a single command

The feature is unsupported from the looks of it. Here’s the code base if you want to add it! GitHub - aerospike/aerospike-tools-backup: Aerospike backup and restore utility or you can run two commands.

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Hi @Albot is it possible to backup and restore multiple namespaces in a single command in aerospike enterprise edition or aerospike community edition?

The aerospike server itself does not support scans spanning multiple namespaces, so not without modifying the server and asbackup.

Why does it matter? Just run two parallel scans as background jobs or in screens? Whats the problem?

asbackup -n foo -o foo.bk &

asbackup -n bar -o bar.bk &

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Thanks @Albot for the input.

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