Implement probabilistic data structures (AER-6199)

Hi all,

I’m currently having great success using Aerospike for many use-case, but there is a range of other uses-cases where I’m forced to use something else and I’m really missing the scalability and reliability of Aerospike, namely, all uses-cases where maintaining probabilistic data structures is required.

I’m currently using Redis for Hyperloglog and MintDS ( for Bloom Filters and Count-Min Sketches, and I think these data structures could be implemented as C module wrapped with Lua UDF to make them usable with Aerospike; there is already good C implementations available at least for HLL and BF.

What do you think ? Is there other folks interested in it ?

HyperLogLog has been added int

[AER-6199] - (KVS) Added support for HyperLogLog (HLL) data types.

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